How many times have you seen previews, developer interviews, or reviews of an upcoming game but you never got round to getting your hands on it, only to find yourself picking it up a few months after its release? Well if you’re anything like me, this happens a lot. However, a lot of people I’ve talked to seem to let some great games pass them by and never seem to get hold of them again. Re-play is a video games blog for exactly this kind of situation; to jog your memory about that game you were going to get a few months back but never got round to. Or perhaps one that you do own but haven’t played in years, Re-play aims to get you to pick up some forgotten gems that tend to get moved from the top 10 chart shelves of high street video game stores to the unwieldy, anonymous, pre-owned section.

Each week I’ll try to post a new game review of whatever takes my fancy in the hope that some of you will pick it up and give it a try. There will also be news segments and other interesting (hopefully) pieces along the way.